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Learn how reporting and conversion tracking can help your business track and measure your site performance and paid digital marketing campaigns.

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Reporting & Conversion Tracking

By measuring and optimizing your campaigns, you can improve your digital marketing performance and increase your return on investment. Conversions tracking and reporting are essential for this process.

Reports allow businesses to monitor and evaluate the performance and outcomes of their online marketing campaigns across different channels.

Our Reporting Platforms

We use Looker Studio, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to collect, analyse and present data.

We Build & Design your Conversion & Reports

Excite Digital use Looker Studio, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to collect, analyse and present data and insights on the performance and outcomes of our clients’ online marketing campaigns.

  • We use Looker Studio to create bespoke dashboards and reports that show the key metrics and insights our clients’ organic and paid campaigns, such as conversions, revenue, ROI and cost per acquisition.
  • We use Google Analytics to track the traffic, behaviour, and conversions of our clients’ website visitors across multiple devices and touchpoints.
  • We use Google Tag Manager to manage and deploy various tags and pixels on our clients’ websites for Google Ads and Facebook Pixel.

Conversion Tracking & Bespoke Reporting for your Business

Reporting and conversion tracking reporting can help a business with their digital marketing by providing valuable information and insights on your SEO, SEM and Social Media advertising.

Measure the return on investment (ROI) of their digital marketing efforts by comparing the cost and revenue of each ad and campaign.
Identify the most effective channels, platforms, keywords, and audiences for their digital marketing goals by analysing the traffic, conversions, and engagement of each ad and campaign.
Optimize their digital marketing strategy by using data-driven insights to adjust their budget allocation, audience targeting, and lead generation tactics.
Improve your users experience by understanding their behaviour, preferences, and feedback, and by providing relevant and personalized content and offers.
Analyse the conversion data and insights to improve the user experience, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and grow the business.

Why is Conversion Tracking & Reporting Important?

By tracking conversions, you can see which channels, platforms, and content generate the most leads and sales. You can also compare different versions of your website or ads to see which ones perform better.
Conversions help you understand your customers’ needs and preferences, and how to deliver value to them.
Reporting helps you communicate your marketing results to your stakeholders, such as managers, clients, or investors. Reporting also helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to improve them.