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Learn About LinkedIn Advertising With Excite Digital

Below are different types of LinkedIn ads. Here you can learn about each ad type that LinkedIn offers.

Sponsored Content

What are LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads?
Sponsored Content are ads that blend in with the LinkedIn news feed, whether the user is on desktop or mobile. Sponsored Content can help you showcase your products or services, tell a story, or share valuable content with your audience. You can choose from different ad formats, such as single image, video, carousel, collection, instant experience, and more. You can also use dynamic creative to automatically show different combinations of images or videos based on the user’s profile and preferences.

Sponsored Messaging

What are LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging Ads?
Sponsored Messaging are ads that appear in the LinkedIn inbox of users who match your criteria. Sponsored Messaging can help you start quality conversations with professionals through a choose-your-own path experience. You can choose from different ad formats, such as conversation ads and message ads. Conversation ads allow users to select topics and questions they want to discuss with you. Message ads allow users to send direct messages to you for immediate action.

Text Ads

What are LinkedIn Text Ads?
Text Ads are ads that appear along the top and right-hand side of the LinkedIn desktop feed. Text Ads can help you drive new customers to your business with a self-service pay per click (PPC) advertising platform. You can choose from different ad formats, such as text ads and spotlight ads. Text ads allow you to display up to 10 headlines and 2 descriptions for each ad.

Dynamic Ads

What are LinkedIn Dynamic Ads?
Dynamic Ads are ads that run in the right rail of the LinkedIn desktop feed and speak to audiences directly through personalization. Dynamic Ads can help you capture attention and increase engagement with your audience by using their own personal details, such as their photo, employer’s name, job title, company size, industry verticals, and more. You can choose from different ad formats, such as follower ads and sponsored content.

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